Welcome to FERRANDI Paris

Founded in 1920, FERRANDI has trained generations of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers, restaurant managers and owners.

Our pedagogy has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained : when you come to FERRANDI, you enter the world of gastronomy, a unique environment, a renowned  school, both in France and abroad.

Located in the Latin Quarter, the historical heart of Paris, FERRANDI offers a wide range of programs, from vocational degrees to Master's, as well as a number of short programs for professionals or career changers.  1500 students enroll in our programs each year and 2000 professionals attend our continuing education modules.  The palette of profiles, specializations, and trades is what makes our school different and rich, on both the professional and human levels.

But these are not the only explanations for our school's reputation.  The talents and expertise of our instructors, our network of prestigious guest chefs, our focus on entrepreneurship, the quality of our facilities, our image among gastronomy professionals, our links in the academic world, our commitment to high-level training whose only goal is to help you reveal your talents, our practical and innovative approach ... all of these make FERRAND what it is today : the leading French school of gastronomy.

Cuisine class in the courtyard