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Our distinguished training staff has extensive professional experience in France and abroad and our instructors are deeply committed to passing on the professional values and the passion of their trade to our students.

Highly qualified teaching staff

A team of over 100 permanent instructors ensures the delivery of our core programs, from vocational training for young students to advanced continuing education for professionals. All have significant, top-level industry experience with Michelin-starred chefs and other prestigious employers. Many have won distinctions and major competitions (Meilleur Ouvrier de France …).

Numerous renowned chefs, hotel and restaurant management professionals and gastronomy experts, including many of our own alumni, regularly contribute to our programs through demonstrations, specific courses and conferences.


Professional, action-based teaching methods

The goal of our pedagogy is to instil the values of professionalism, passion and innovation in our students.

Our pedagogy aims to provide students with professional, applicable skills – the ones their future employers need and the reason why so many prestigious restaurants and hotels seek our graduates. Many of our programs are based on apprenticeship, where students work and study simultaneously. All of our students are required to gain professional experience through internship or apprenticeship.

Our students work in small groups (12 maximum) and benefit from individualized guidance and coaching from instructors. Training is action-based through hands-on kitchen work and service in one of our student-run restaurants.


In the heart of Paris, an exceptional learning environment

Our kitchens, pastry labs and bakery labs are fitted with professional-grade equipment and students work in set-ups that replicate as closely as possible what they will find when they move on to employment.

Our 25.000 m² site, located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, in the Montparnasse/St Germain des Près neighbourhood, has state-of-the-art facilities including:

  • 9 fully equipped professional kitchen laboratories
  • 7 pastry laboratories
  • 2 bakery laboratories
  • 2 working restaurants with associated production kitchens
  • Sous vide lab
  • Oenology and tasting laboratory
  • 80-seat demonstration auditorium
  • Multimedia resource center

Our professional laboratories are set up to replicate “real” kitchens, with individual workstations so that each student can prepare his/her own recipes and gain hands-on experience. Tastings and instructor feedback sessions are integrated into the curriculum to anchor the skills and techniques learned.