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FERRANDI has partnership agreements with leading hospitality and culinary institutes from around the world.

Links with culinary institutes worldwide

Partnerships cover the development of various activities involving student mobility programs, instructor training, joint programs and degrees.

All of our programs include international exposure for students in the form of internships abroad, study trips or exchange programs. The goal of these experiences is to give students a new perspective on the career they have chosen: cultural, professional, linguistic and culinary.

Our teaching staff is also involved in contributing to our partners’ curricula through the delivery of on-site training sessions and demonstrations for our partner schools’ students and staff. As part of our continuing education policy, members of our teaching staff are also encouraged to train abroad in the form of observation visits, linguistic immersions and pedagogical development exchanges.


Prestigious partners in the world of hospitality and culinary arts

FERRANDI’s network is vast and covers several continents opening doors for culinary arts students and instructors to discover new cultures, cuisines and techniques.

Some of our partners include:

Johnson & Wales

Student exchange program: selected students from each school are given the opportunity to complement their studies at the partner school

ITHQ Québec

A long-standing partnership links FERRANDI and ITHQ involving study tours and internships for students, training for professors from both institutions and the development of specific programs

Le Monde

FERRANDI professors teach several course modules in Athens and Le Monde students visit Paris for an introduction to “French food culture” ; a joint-degree program is currently being designed


After providing technical and pedagogical support for the launching of the FFCC in 1990, FERRANDI continues to be involved in the training of Japanese students and professors both in Tokyo and in France