Knowledge transfer

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Sharing our experience :
50 years of experience in the design, management and delivery of culinary training for young people, adults and professionals.


FERRANDI has worked with organizations around the world on a wide range of projects including:

  • Training trainers
  • Culinary pedagogy, technical skills
  • Curriculum design, recipe development
  • Identification of needs for new or existing institutions


Observation visits

Teaching staff from partner institutions can accompany a FERRANDI professor during courses to observe teaching methods, teacher/student interaction, transmission of techniques, teacher feedback and course outcomes


Study Tours

Hosting professors and students from around the world for demonstrations and specific training courses

FERRANDI is a founding partner of the French Culinary Institute (New York, USA) and the French Food and Culture Center (Tokyo, Japan).
The FFCC, created with the support of Tokyo Gas, continues to work in close collaboration with ESCF – Ferrandi in the training of its teaching staff and students.